BBC non-fiction trilogy


How it started

To create this page design, I worked with my long-term client Head & Heart (who you must check out if you need any book cover designs!) to create a redesign of a non-fiction trilogy for a self-publishing author.

The layout and design required styled chapter headings as well as running-heads, (the small headings you might spot right at the top of each page), and additional features including lists, tables, excerpts from newspapers and email transcriptions.


My Approach

I worked closely with Head & Heart cover designer Lucy, incorporating fonts into the page design to create an overall style that matched the title font that was created for the main title pages of the book.

I also liaised with author and referred to the original manuscript to produce a layout for the book that met his expectations, as well as formatting the more complex textual features to make sense in amongst the main body of the writing.


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